[200q20v] Stupid answer (was stupid question)

Paul Matsuda pmatsuda at mac.com
Sat Jan 13 10:21:01 EST 2001


Dahlback Racing in Sweden will ship to the U.S. Looks like these are the
same as what's on our cars. Something I've had on my (long) to do list. Let
me know if it works out.

Paul Matsuda

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From: JordanVw at aol.com
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 12:52:00 EST
To: t44tq at mindspring.com, quattro at audifans.com
Cc: 200q20v at audifans.com
Subject: [200q20v] Re: Stupid question- sidemarker lights - do it yourself!
its cheap and easy!

In a message dated 1/13/01 12:42:06 PM Eastern Standard Time,
t44tq at mindspring.com writes:

Does anyone sell clear/smoked side marker lights for
the '91 200q20v? They are rectangular lights,
different from the later A4/A6/A8 side markers,
which are square and then later on, elliptical.

Also, does anyone sell clear/smoked front turn
signal lights? 

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