[200q20v] Help with frozen locks

Mike & Tanya Atkisson matkisson at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 14 00:28:24 EST 2001

What can I do to keep the locks from freezing up??

After getting off work tonight and getting to my car, I could not get the
key into the locks.  The drivers side would go almost all of the way in, but
I could not get it to turn.  I went to the passengers side and got the key
all the way in, but it wouldn't turn either.  I kept putting my hands on the
metal lock to try and thaw out the locks and finally got the passengers side
lock to turn.

Once I got in the car and got it running, my climate control showed it was
25 degrees outside.  I checked a couple of weeks ago and my car does not
have heated door locks or windshield washers.


90 200 TQ 20V (German Spec)

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