[200q20v] Fw: [V8] FS 1991 V8Q 5spd

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Sun Jan 14 00:58:07 EST 2001

At 7:54 PM -0700 1/13/01, Edward J Kellock wrote:
>Not mine.  No affiliation or first-hand knowledge of vehicle.
>Forwarding with permission of seller...

The quattro list has a classifieds section that, thanks to Mark, is 
superb and allows you to submit your very own entry via a web form. 
Quick and easy.

I would suggest people use it rather than posting for-sale notices, 
which, for the most part, isn't of interest to list members; most 
already have an Audi.  By placing an ad in the classifieds, you 
probably reach a better audience; someone looking for a car will 
actually be looking in the classifieds section...not the archives. 
To boot, the qlist website is listed by many search engines, so 
believe it or not, but there is a large amount of traffic from 
non-listers.  Not to mention the listings in European Car that 
attract some attention as well.

Note that a small donation(I think $5) is suggested in return for a 
submission to the marketplace, which I think is more than reasonable 
given the costs of running the list and the hard work of Dan and many 

I know it's tradition to just post for sale's to the list, but maybe 
we can start using the classifieds section more often, now that 
they're completely overhauled(and DIY.)

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