[200q20v] 200 woes (need ECU?) ...

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Mon Jan 15 22:29:47 EST 2001


Well, it has been about 2 months now, and I still do not have a 200 20v to 
drive. It was originally at the dealer, and then, if you guys remember, the 
dealer refused to work on the car citing that it had no cats, and anyway it 
smoked too much, even with the garage exhaust fans on. So I moved the car to 
a local mechanic that I had not used before- but I have seen 2 S4s there and 
another 200 20v there before and he is always busy, so I figured it must be 
good. The car has been there for a month. I was out of the country for 2 
weeks, which has slowed things considerably. As of now, the car is repaired 
of all the problems i had before, excpet that it is intermeittantly running 
VERY rich when warm. This is believed to be caused by the ECU (the mech. put 
my ecu in another 200 20v, and the running rich condition appeared in the 
other car)
Since I had gotten a Hoppen ECU upgrade from ANderson Motorsport, I call 
Keith and he agreed to take the ECU back, put my stock chips in and see if 
the problem fixed itself. Currently the ECU is @ ANderson Motorsport, and 
Keith is waiting for a 200 20v to show up so he can check out my ECU.
If the problem is not resolved I will be looking for another ECU. Does 
anyone know of where I could acquire one? Or whether there is anything else 
I can do?

      Thank for all the help you have lent,
          John Gronberg.


I think the "prior problems" I mentioned are still listed in the archives 
somewhere, but I can send the email of my original problems if needs be.
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