[200q20v] 200 woes (need ECU?) ...

Phil & Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Jan 15 18:14:31 EST 2001

Just for the record, could you tell us what symptoms
comprise your "running
VERY rich when warm" condition. Black exhaust smoke? Fuel
consumption= ?

My car, since the Hoppen/Anderson chipping, has somewhat
blackened exhaust tips (which I think may have predated the
upgrade), but the computer and actually measured MPG remains
within 1 or 2 mpg of previous values. which for highway
cruising is 26-28.


-J J- wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, it has been about 2 months now, and I still do not have a 200 20v to
> drive. It was originally at the dealer, and then, if you guys remember, the
> dealer refused to work on the car citing that it had no cats, and anyway it
> smoked too much, even with the garage exhaust fans on. So I moved the car to
> a local mechanic that I had not used before- but I have seen 2 S4s there and
> another 200 20v there before and he is always busy, so I figured it must be
> good. The car has been there for a month. I was out of the country for 2
> weeks, which has slowed things considerably. As of now, the car is repaired
> of all the problems i had before, excpet that it is intermeittantly running
> VERY rich when warm. This is believed to be caused by the ECU (the mech. put
> my ecu in another 200 20v, and the running rich condition appeared in the
> other car)
> Since I had gotten a Hoppen ECU upgrade from ANderson Motorsport, I call
> Keith and he agreed to take the ECU back, put my stock chips in and see if
> the problem fixed itself. Currently the ECU is @ ANderson Motorsport, and
> Keith is waiting for a 200 20v to show up so he can check out my ECU.
> If the problem is not resolved I will be looking for another ECU. Does
> anyone know of where I could acquire one? Or whether there is anything else
> I can do?
>       Thank for all the help you have lent,
>           John Gronberg.
> P.S.
> I think the "prior problems" I mentioned are still listed in the archives
> somewhere, but I can send the email of my original problems if needs be.
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