[200q20v] door locks

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Tue Jan 16 10:28:00 EST 2001

OK, I admit it, with careful consideration 20 minutes might be a bit over
the top.  

However, I was thinking of just the disassembly, reindexing, and reassembly,
not doing the complete "classic" door lock repair.

45 minutes is a record to be proud of for the whole job, replacing the pot
metal arm and rekeying the tumbler. It probably took me 4 hours the first
time, but that was before Chris had all the great info posted (including a
lot of my lessons learned) , and I just had the Bentley to go on....


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> Thomas,
> Is that twenty minutes including removing and reinstalling
> the door panel?  I'd like to see that (he said,
> skeptically)! But if you want to do a demo on Mark's car,
> please invite me and I'll act as the bookie for the betting
> pool. Art Mayhew of Salisbury Motor Car is very proud of his
> 45 minute record. As for me, I'm gonna need more experience
> to work my time down from the 2 days ordeal I encountered on
> my car (or was it 3?). As you say, it's definitely a
> heated-garage job this time of year.:-) 
> Phil

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