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The problem you _might_ be having is one that I mentioned in
my post about the 3-day lock-repair experience (see
archives). What I observed appeared to be excessive
looseness (and flexing) of the tiny white plastic box (just
above the lock cylinder) that houses the gear-switching
stuff. I had the same problem you describe until I carefully
wrapped some wire around that little box to keep the gear
from being too sloppy. I used some fine S-S wire--just one
turn and a few twists to snug it up. After that, I got very
reliable switching of the alarm.

When you get the door apart, insert the key and look
carefully at the front of that plastic gear/switch housing
as you turn the key back and forth. Does the cover (which
hold one end of the gear axle) seem to move around? If so,
try the wire wrap. Even just duct tape would do the trick,
but I found it too difficult to get the tape wrapped around
that little box, and unless you did a couple of turns, I
wouldn't trust it over time.

I think I may have a photo of this (maybe Chris has it
posted on his website?)


Mark Trank wrote:
> 45 minutes would be a minor miracle for me.....4 hours gets closer......then
> I would have the "Dad" factor; e.g., "Dad, can you play
> basketball.......ride bikes........refereeing disputes between
> children.......usually doubles the time of any task.  No isolation chambers
> at my house............
> Thanks for the responses.  I've noticed that the problem is intermittent at
> this point......sometimes the alarm works properly and at other times it
> won't disarm upon locking.  Would that be consistent with an indexing
> problem?
> Regards.
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> OK, I admit it, with careful consideration 20 minutes might be a bit over
> the top.
> However, I was thinking of just the disassembly, reindexing, and reassembly,
> not doing the complete "classic" door lock repair.
> 45 minutes is a record to be proud of for the whole job, replacing the pot
> metal arm and rekeying the tumbler. It probably took me 4 hours the first
> time, but that was before Chris had all the great info posted (including a
> lot of my lessons learned) , and I just had the Bentley to go on....
> Tom
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> > Thomas,
> >
> > Is that twenty minutes including removing and reinstalling
> > the door panel?  I'd like to see that (he said,
> > skeptically)! But if you want to do a demo on Mark's car,
> > please invite me and I'll act as the bookie for the betting
> > pool. Art Mayhew of Salisbury Motor Car is very proud of his
> > 45 minute record. As for me, I'm gonna need more experience
> > to work my time down from the 2 days ordeal I encountered on
> > my car (or was it 3?). As you say, it's definitely a
> > heated-garage job this time of year.:-)
> >
> > Phil
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