[200q20v] 200q20v mileage

Beer, Jerald jbeer at boosecasey.com
Tue Jan 16 12:18:08 EST 2001

  93 octane only, although not always name brand gas. Tires are Conti
225-55/16 on A4 rims (recently replaced with 16x8 UrS4 5 spoke courtesy of
Charlie Smith). Tire pressure between 34 and 36. Tires are very round and
reasonably soft- these are NOT high performance tires. Note my city mileage
is fine- 16-18 hard driving,, 20-21 easy/little boost in mixed city/highway,
so I would think O2 is still doing OK. Track mileage is 8-10. 
 Just seems that @ 3k rpm car is looking 6th gear. South Florida is pretty
flat, but traffic is often heavy, especially on I-95. HTH

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It's crucial what octane and tire pressure you were running. 
Numbers please? 

PS: If I can't get mid 20s MPG at highway speeds on 91 octane 
and 38 psi any longer, is O2 sensor probably dead?  ' anyone know 
how to test it? 

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