[200q20v] cup holder?

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Short answer is no.

The long answer is yes. The cupholder insert for a 4A/C4 chassis Audi 100
can be
used in the 200's center console. BUT- if you have the factory cell phone,
it doesn't
fit. You must trim the cupholder insert down and basically make it into a
single cup
holder. BTDT and in the process of trimming my inserts down.

Remind me again via email and I'll track the part number down for you.
with easy access to the parts catalogue can get it easily. Ask the parts guy
at the
dealer for the cupholder insert for the '92+ Audi 100.

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  Didn't Audi make a cup holder insert for the center console below the arm
rest?  I know I've seen it somewhere before and I'd love to track down a
part number.  Thanks!

  Mike O.
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