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Phil & Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Jan 17 14:01:36 EST 2001

But doesn't this get us back to the old (I think
unresolved?) question of: 

"Assume that 87 octane gives 'best' mpg and that the car
appears to run OK with it. Aren't you then likely to be
pushing the ECU at (or dangerously close to) its limits of
timing retardation? Meaning: greater risk of knock damage?"

Not necessarily my strongly held opinion, but I've let that
reasoning influence my octane choice when fueling the 3B.
Plus the fact that the Gnomes of Ingolstadt wouldn't give us
a "bum steer" about octane requirements, now would they...? 


Mike Miller wrote:
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> From: "Bernie Benz" <b.m.benz at prodigy.net>
> > When you need the higher octane, you're not concerned about mileage.
> > When mileage is the goal, 87 octane is fine.
> >
> > Bernie
> Here in western Montana, I use 87 octane, still pull 1.6-1.7 boost at 5000
> feet and get ~25-27 mpg driving 75ish. I routinely see 26+ driving the 280
> miles to Spokane over 2 mountain passes, cruising at 80 most of the way.
> Tires are 225/60/15 BFG comp T/A at 35 psi.
> mike miller
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