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> But doesn't this get us back to the old (I think
> unresolved?) question of: 
> "Assume that 87 octane gives 'best' mpg and that the car
> appears to run OK with it. Aren't you then likely to be
> pushing the ECU at (or dangerously close to) its limits of
> timing retardation? Meaning: greater risk of knock damage?"
> Not necessarily my strongly held opinion, but I've let that
> reasoning influence my octane choice when fueling the 3B.
> Plus the fact that the Gnomes of Ingolstadt wouldn't give us
> a "bum steer" about octane requirements, now would they...? 
> :-) 
> Phil

I agree with Phil on this one...especially if you've had an ECU upgrade 
--which basically tells you not to run anything under 91 octane (lest I be 
mistaken) when using said ECU. 

'91 200q20v with a few mods...
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