FW: [200q20v] Magic elixer?

Beer, Jerald jbeer at boosecasey.com
Thu Jan 18 10:00:17 EST 2001

  This has been discussed as an additive to gasolone as an octane booster,
nothing more sinister than that! It would appear for that purpose they are
NOT interchangeable. 
91 200q

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xylene is also known as dimethylbenzene and C8H10

tolulene is also known as methylbenzene and formula is C7H8

the difference is the presence of an additional methyl group on the benzene
ring for xylene....i don't know what you are using it for, if you are using
it as an organic solvent to clean something then they are very similar, if
you are doing chemical synthesis, then they are not interchangable......if
you are trying to make trinitrotolulene (TNT) or something similar to it,
there are other more appropriate lists to get info ;) 

At 09:08 AM 1/18/01 -0500, Beer, Jerald wrote:
>Ok guys, I went looking for toluene last night at the  H Depot. No toluene,
>but they have a product called xylene. No ingredients on the can, but on
>side it says it can be used in place of toluene. Have I found the magic
>91 200q

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