[200q20v] Replacing radio

Paul Anderson Paul_Anderson at go.com
Fri Jan 19 08:12:00 EST 2001

Bought a new Bluapunkt yesterday from a large mailorder outfit in Va. it came with an additional harness that is supposed to hook up to factory harness, guess what... 
The additonal radio harness requires two 8 pin connectors from the car, one for power and antena other for  front speakers and a 10 pin (only 3 pins used) for the rear speakers.  I have replaced to OEM rears with speakers to be amplified by the new radio.
Problem the car has an 8 pin for the power etc, and a 10 pin for all speakers(?) only. So I went to the Bentley manuals to see if I could match it up with the wiring diagrams, I figured as long as I could figure which wire went to which speaker I'd be ok, no luck. So I crawled around in the trunk to try and match the wire colors in the trunk to those in the dash, no luck.
Has anyone seen/done this before can you help me?

Paul Anderson
91 20020vTQ
90 Miata

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