[200q20v] cost per mile?

Phil & Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Jan 19 22:48:22 EST 2001

My therapist has recommended I not do that calculation.

But seriously, considering (1) it's a 10 yr-old/150,000 mile
car, (2) that it's an Audi, and (3) that you're paying
someone else on parts and labor, I think it's not an
excessive cost at all. I assume it includes a timing belt service.

For myself: I tallied up parts (all purchased at discount)
and labor--all labor was my own except for a couple of items
whose labor amounted to about $450. My grand total was about
$1900 for 33 months and 24,000 miles driving (98K-->122K).
That's about $0.08/mile, but I just as easily _might_ have
driven 35K miles in that period and the needed repairs would
have been little different, I think. In that case the repair
costs would average down to under $0.06/ mile. But with the
higher mileage I would have to also need to add in a TBelt

Anyway, I conclude you did quite well considering you paid
for labor. If I had not done my own work, there'd easily be
another 10-15 hrs of technician labor to pay ($500-$700?).
That would bring me to very nearly 10 cents per mile for my
actual mileage. I'd hate to think what the total would be if
I paid dealer prices on _any_ of the parts. 


james austin wrote:
> I'm going over my repair records for the last 60,000 miles and finding that
> my cost/mile of repairs only is running almost exactly at 10 cents/mile.
> I'm not including depreciation/gas/or add ons(euro lights, etc).  While this
> seems high based on the other 53 or 54 cars I've owned, I bought the car
> when it had 120,000 miles on it(it's now got close to 180,000) and due to my
> schedule over the last year or so I've had to have most of it done rather
> than doing it myself.
> What are other folks seeing for repair costs/mile?
> Jim Austin
> 91 200 tq
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