[200q20v] Turbo Bearings?

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Sun Jan 21 14:39:06 EST 2001

I've recently noticed a mechanical noise after accelerating briskly,
closing throttle, and upshifting. It isn't present unless I accelerate
rather hard, not on mild (low boost) conditions. 

The noise isn't a throwout bearing or transmission related; it can be
heard, but not felt.  My first thought are turbo bearings.  I know I can
remove the intake paraphernalia to feel end and side to side play. Any
easier test(s)? The car has 116K, purchased at 110K.  

If the turbo does need rebuilding, are there any simultaneous upgrades
that give a good return on investment?  Any suggested rebuilders besides
those in the Classifieds of R&T, C&D, or EC?  Checked our Suppliers and
didn't find any specialists.  Estimated rebuild cost?

Thanks for the feedback on any or all of the above.
Dale McCormack
91 200 tq Bilsteins
89 200 tqw lots & lots of mods
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