[200q20v] Nagging Oil Pressure Warning Beep & Indicator

Neil Vonhof nhv at citylinq.com
Sun Jan 21 14:40:39 EST 2001

For a few months now I've had a randomly occurring oil pressure warning
-3 beeps and the flashing dripping oil can display. I am sure the oil
pressure is fine, plenty of indicated pressure on the oil pressure
gauge, new oil and filter, virtually zero loss of oil between 3,000 mile

changes. The worst part is the 3 beep alarm sound that's rather loud and

annoying and alarming to passengers (and embarrasing for me).
I can't seem to conclude that this occurs under any certain conditions.
Sometimes it seems like it happens only on sharp turns, sometimes when
engine is still in the later stages of warm up. Sometimes at high speed
(80+), sometimes it doesn't occur for a few days, then starts up again
intermittently. Come to think of it, it did begin in the fall as the air

temp began to drop, but I live in Seattle where cold is mid 30's. So, I
can't pinpoint anything consistent. One time the alarm beep stayed on
continuously instead of it's usual 3 beeps. I had to turn off and
re-start to get rid of it.
Running 20W 50 Kendall oil, all other warning lights seem to be
operating normally, this car does not have the Check Engine warning
Any ideas on what's happening? Bad connection in the instrument display?

Dirty or bad sensor? Is there a do it yourself'ers fix?
Neil Vonhof
'91 200tq20v, 130,00 miles
IA Stage III ECU mod.
Borbet 15" wheels

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