[200q20v] Bad Water Pump?

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Mon Jan 22 09:58:45 EST 2001

You need to make a stethescope or similar to localize the sound.  Lots of spinning things near there, 4 belts, tensioner, water pump, power steering pump...
You should be able to determine what's _not_ making the sound, anyhow.

In a message dated Mon, 22 Jan 2001  9:47:34 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Forhan, Thomas" <Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov> writes:

There is a distinct chirping sound coming from the front part of the engine
on my 129K 200q20V Avant. Not load enough to hear from inside the car with
the windows up, but very obvious from outside the car with the engine
idling. I've never had this problem before, but I would suspect a water

I have service records for the first 100K miles (100-120 are missing), with
no evidence of its ever being replaced. While looking through for the water
pump, I also can find no reference to a timing belt change either.

Is there anyway to confirm its the water pump? 

I presume if I do the pump I should do the belt at the same time...

Tom F.
91 200q20V Avant Panther Black
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