[200q20v] Where Angels Fear to Tread

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Tue Jan 23 16:18:00 EST 2001

After my water pump post, and other problems at hand, looks like I am about
to take another step forward (deeper) in Audi maintenance. Think I will just
park it in the garage and drive vanagons until I can get all this stuff

1) Replacing the throttle potentiometer and cleaning the throttle body
2) Timing belt and water pump replacement 
3) Replace leaking heater core
4) Inspect UFO's - pad wear indicator light coming on occassionally, plus
getting some pulsing. 

A few questions

1) With the throttle body out, would it be a little easier to replace the
crankcase breather hose at the same time ? It hasn't collapsed, but it looks
old and soft.

2) Tools for the water pump/timing belt. I want to use the right tools, I'll
have enough opportunity to mess things up as it is without jury rigging
this. Blau rents a set, but I presume he would expect to sell me the parts,
too, and some listers have mentioned they were not happy with the parts he
sends out in his "kit" - wrong belt, cheap looking water pump if I remember
correctly. Any other sources for renting the tools?


Tom F.

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