[200q20v] RE: Where angels fear to tread.

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Tue Jan 23 16:51:14 EST 2001


I recently had some experience with the same thing you're talking.  Bought the timing belt kit from Blau, and rented the tool.  As far as the parts go, I don't imagine the water pump will be a problem down the road, they gave me just barely enough coolant, (i guess if they gave me any more I would've gotten way too much), and the part number on the timing belt was the 034 not 054 timing belt.  I checked with several sources about the timing belt, Blau reported that even though the part numbers were different, their belt supplier listed the two belts as interchangable.  On my end, I double checked fitment of the new verse old timing belt (034 vs 054) and found the length, width, tooth shape, and overall fitment to be the same.  Either belt fit the same, and Blau did give me a cross reference, so I went with their belt, but I still do have to wonder why the belts have different numbers, (audi increasing profits?).  The tools were a big help, but I found it interesting that they gave me the seal puller for the cam, and the seal instalation tool for the main shaft; I imagine that they would rent the set to you regardless of purchase or not, but who knows, can't say what their demand is for the set.

I also recently ordered one of their Euro headlight wiring harness, and was surprised to find that they gave me the upsell tactics on the euro headlight compatable autocheck relay.  The interesting part was they'll include the relay for no charge if you order the headlights through them, and while I've spent an equivalent sum of money on other parts with them, but did not buy the headlights from them (VM Autohaus cleaned their clock on pricing), they wouldn't throw that in for free.  

So to anwer part of your question, I imagine they'd rent you the tools, and even with the weird part number belt, the kit was helpful.  But for my money, I think I'll be making my purchases from local dealerships, and The Parts Connection from here on out; the parts come in quicker, they seem to know more about our cars, more likely to get the right part number the first time, and in so far the prices have also been better.

And yes, I'd imagine the breather hose would be easier to attack w/out the throttle body in the way.  I'm also replacing mine right now; decided to do it in conjunction with the dist., and valve cover gasket.  That's definetly eased access.

Sorry for the long story, but hope it helps. 

Derek P

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