[200q20v] Distributor timing

Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
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Hey all, 

thanks for the input so far, but still don't think I have enough info to install the dist. and have high level of certainty that it's "dead nuts on" where it is specked to be.  I will try to get ahold of Ned Ritchie, in fact, I'm going to be in Olympia today, and maybe I can just pop my head in.  As far as the special tool, I think I figured that one out.  When you put the new dist. the seat theres quite a bit of resistance due to the o-ring on the dist. periphery, so you can only push it in so far.  So my guess is that as the dist. is forced the rest of the way in with the bolt on the hold down clamp, the rotor will have a tendency to move relative to the dist body as the gears mesh further.  I'm thinking the tool is used to keep the correct reference/timing point on the distributor as it is forced further into the engine head.  If that's the case, then I guess I could just turn everything back to reference, assuming there's not too much frictive force once the dist. is in place.

Another question, anybody know how the timing is advanced and retarded on this ignition setup; there's obviously no mechanical means for that.  Does the coil have enough control so that it can send the spark from variable locations on the rotor, to the cap?  That's the only thing I can think of, but then the advance and retard would be limited by the length of the blade on the rotor (or how many degrees the rotor blade length corresponds to).  This question's not really essential, but helpful for understanding the system.

>>> Wolff <wolff at turboquattro.com> 01/23/01 08:23PM >>>
I have heard that the Hall sender in the dist must be lined up very
accurately or it will not be in sync with the flywheel and can cause
problems with power. I have even heard of a dual trace oscilloscope being
needed to set it properly. Never done it myself though.

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> Hey all,
> What's the deal in the Bentley with the listed Audi special tool for
timing the distributor?  My guess is with the crank and cam at TDC, the
dist. should also be lined up with the TDC tick mark on the rotor body, and
the tool is just used to insure/facilitate this happening.  That all makes
sense as relating to the the tool, but then the Bentley says that it is
necessary to "pre-tension" the dist body in a clockwise direction before
tightening the hold down bolt.  So I wonder if there is any slack in the
tool the would then wind up aligning the rotor with a slightly retarded or
slightly advanced position (don't know which way the motor turns when
running) as the proper timing position on the dist.  The other reason I ask,
is it looked like the rotor on my old dist was slightly off the TDC mark
when the crank and cam were both at TDC, and that slightly off position
would correspond with a clockwise "pre-tensioning."
> Any btdt's out there?
> Thanks
> Derek Pulvino
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