[200q20v] re: another seat filled in the audi...

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at arinc.com
Fri Jan 26 11:13:01 EST 2001

[Should be bringing my new son Quinn Patrick Miller home from the hospital
Saturday, in the 200q20v, of course.  Mom and baby are doing quite well.
But, I'm missing the NEQ winter driving school...
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller at aol.com]

Congrats!  I have found the rally drive in both our Q's to daycare center
before work to be the days excitement.

Francesca, now 19mo. loves to say "Zoooom" when we go around a corner.  She
also has been known to fall asleep with Stebro in full tilt down the

'87 5Kcstqw
'85 4Kcsq

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