[200q20v] some list related stuff

Kevin Phillips kevphill at mediaone.net
Fri Jan 26 20:06:09 EST 2001

I understand exactly what you are saying Brett and it does work well, the
trouble is probably 95% of our readers don't know what the hell a header is
!!!! As for setting up the email program, just take a look at all the MIME
stuff that keeps appearing on the quattro list digest.
I know a "how to setup your email" is in the works somewhere and that will
help people that DO read instructions !!!!!

Kevin Phillips
Western Massachusetts
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1995 900 SET
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If you look at the headers, each list puts out very different headers and
it's very easy to filter.  For example, the 200 list has:
List-Id: 200q20v list <200q20v.audifans.com>

The quattro list has:
List-Id: The main audifans.com quattro list <quattro.audifans.com>

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