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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Jan 29 10:25:30 EST 2001

I agree with Brett (and that might be an admission worth saving, Brett)!

I think that the 200q20v prefix  just tends to clutter up the subject lines
and makes it much harder to scan my archived mail in order to spot specific
subjects (subject being, say, "distributor gear", not generic 20V car

As to locating the new 20V  messages--yes, it's true that the "200q20v"
makes it easier to spot these posts in an unsorted mailbox, but as Brett
says, that's so easily taken care--quite automagically as your mail is
being downloaded--by using a filter. A filter to put your 20V list mail in
its _own_ mailbox takes less than 2 minutes to set up. Anyone who isn't
filtering his/her email is missing out on an extremely useful feature of
most email software. And anyone who doesn't know a header from a toenail
(or can't learn) isn't likely to be driving a 200q or subscribing to this

And if you're _already_ filtering all your Audifans email into one large,
"Audi" mailbox, there are two options: (1) Add one or two new filters and
new mailboxes, or (2) you might wish to set up your filter(s) to carry out
a "labelling" action--something that is available in my email client (which
is Eudora). The "action" the filter takes when mail has a certain header
content is usually just to transfer the item to a certain location
(mailbox, trash, etc) but it can also be set to "label"  it (with a  flag
or even a specific color). How's _that_ for making certain email postings
stand out? Your 20V mail can be red, the V8 stuff blue, etc. Or, if you're
not into gaudily-colored mailboxes, the labels can simply be the text
("20v" or "V8") in a special "label column." I'm not sure if Outlook
Express or Messenger have that feature.

BTW, Bernie brought up using filters for spam. Many people do that with
some success--but I'm not one of them. It's _not_ because I like spam, but
only that I don't really get much (spam) and also haven't encountered
enough consistent header content in the spam mail to assure a filter would
be useful (or accurate). I wouldn't want to miss all those Viagra messages
that I may need someday.


At 5:06 PM -0500 1/28/01, C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 1/26/01 6:21:21 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>knotnook at traverse.com writes:
>> I'm in agreement with Kevin.  I also subscribe to the V8 list, so having
>>  the two "closer to the heart" lists identified as separate from the
>>  List permits quicker scans.
>>  At 06:06 PM 01/26/2001 -0500, Kevin Phillips wrote:
>>  >I think the [list name] is kind of useful. I have a subscription to the
>>  >200q20v and urq lists plus a digest subscription to the quattro list. The
>>  >idea is I can read in detail where I would like to go next but still scan
>>  >the general list when time permits.
>>  >
>>  >
>>  >Kevin Phillips
>Me too; let's keep the 200q20v header in the subject line.
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