[200q20v] avant rear hatch

hah at srv.net hah at srv.net
Mon Jan 29 09:41:00 EST 2001

>rear hatch will not open, acts like it is locked,  vacuum pump shuts off
>promptly for power locks when activated (lock and unlock),  key has never
>worked in rear hatch lock....i think this might of happened a few years
>ago, i can't remember...if it did i don't remember much about it, i guess
>i'll have to pull off the panel from the inside and see what's up....
>any btdt ??

I don't have avant BTDT, but my sedan had a "memory" ball bearing in the 
trunk latch gall. I could still open it with my key until removing the 
offending ball bearing, but sounds like you only have the "valet" key? Good 
thing it's an avant then... Certainly if you take off the panel you will be 
able to see what's going on. The vacuum actuator for central locking 
push/pulls on a part of the latch, if that part of the latch doesn't move 
then the actuating rod will just flex instead, and you have the 
galled-ball-bearing problem. Some people say that it can be lubricated back 
to life, but mine was jammed pretty good and didn't show any signs of 
wanting to return to functionality after copious lubing, so I deleted it 
from the assembly. The only ill effect from this is that sometimes the 
trunk will forget it's supposed to be unlocked if there is a bump 
sufficient to move the latch while driving (most longer trips will generate 
such a bump). It never forgets that it's supposed to be locked when 
standing still, or unlocked when standing still (brisk trunk closures 

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 111k, friendly "slow it down" warning from one of Idaho's 
finest during road trip to Sun Valley yesterday...
1988 GTI 16v, 216k

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