[200q20v] Duplicate Keys??

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Jan 29 15:16:52 EST 2001

At 2:39 PM -0500 1/29/01, Kneale Brownson wrote:
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>I had several keys made for my 200q20v when I bought it.  Just took the
>key  the PO supplied to my favorite locksmith (the guys who REPAIR locks,
>not someone in a hardware that can grind a key sort-of) and he filled my

Yes, I agree that having a qualified locksmith do the work is a different
experience, indeed. And if you can bring one of your front doors into their
shop--instead of a key--they will custom grind a perfect fit.  But
seriously: I had borrowed a very poorly functioning cell-phone transceiver
lock key--quite erratic in its operation. I was able easily to remove the
lock hardware and bring it to the locksmith. When I returned about an hour
later I had a new, absolutely perfect key (for about $10 or $12).


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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