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I do not know how large of a spacer you would need to accomplish this,
but the key to fitting wheels over the UFO brakes is to have sufficient
backspacing from the "face" of the wheel so that the wheel clears the
"hump" of the UFO rotors.

I can tell you for a fact that the A6 2.7T wheels and the S4tt wheels
clear the UFOs w/o any spacers.


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Hey all,

I realize through reading Chris's website that the 5-spoke wheels from the
sport packaged A4 won't fit over the UFO's without some kind of a spacer.
Would tire rack or discount tire have the correct spacer to make this
fitment work, or if not any suggestions?  The other question would be with
the spacer, wouldn't the offset be increased, and though I'm pretty sure
it's not as much of an issue on our cars compared to a front-driver, would
this effect steering feel?  How about the chance of tire rub on the fender
running a 225-50-16?  Any input?  It's amazing how fast money can disappear
once you decide to spend it.



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