[200q20v] What difference should the 5000's turbo make?

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Mon Jan 29 20:35:19 EST 2001

JP- assuming this is a '91 20v (this is the 200q20v list after all),
it would be a mod from the stock engine.

Only the early '89 MC-1 engines had the K26 w/ 7.8:1 CR, single knock
sensor. The later '89s and the '90s (assuming you're talking about
NA spec cars, not European) had the MC-2 engine w/ K24 turbo, 8.4:1 (IIRC)
CR, dual knock sensors. Someone correct me on MC-2 CR, please.

The water cooling for the turbo came in '86, so most of the type 44 turbos
have the water cooling. UrQs in the US all had the older turbocharger
and all had K26s.


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You did not say which 200TQ it was, do you have a 20V or a 10V engine.
In the really late 90 200 (10V) quattros, they did put the smaller K24

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