[200q20v] Warped UFO's - not anymore!

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I think there's a VIN split for the size of the control arms; early using the 5000 style, late using the V8 style.

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<< Just got done dumping some major cash into the car, had bought a bunch of
new front end parts last summer that I just had installed (didn't do it
myself, it was kinda nice!).

Replaced the control arms, struts (with Boge gas struts), and sway bar
rubber bushings. The control arms have new rubber bushings where the sway
bar goes through them.

The car is much tighter (everything was original including the struts) and
the sway bar rubber bushings (under the front of the car) were way worn. The
whole car handles better, I don't have a heavy push anymore, it's much more
balanced, and my relatively new UFO rotors don't shimmy like they use to! I
can tell that they are still a little warped, but I'm sure that they'll
straighten out after a month or so. The old suspension pieces couldn't hold
them straight under braking.

BTW, make sure you install the left control arm on the left side and right
on right, 'cause they can be installed backwards! :-)

Now I have to bring my original control arms back to Blau because they sold
me the wrong ones, the correct ones are 19 mm shafts at the lower knuckle,
not 18mm. The invoice says they are for our car (which will also fit the V8)
but they weren't right. Bought them last June, I hope they give me a credit!


P.S. I also have to unlock all of the tie rods (front and rear) with heat so
I can bring it in and get it properly aligned.
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