[200q20v] Strut Brace

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Wed Jan 31 09:38:38 EST 2001

I am interested in doing Bernie's strut brace as well. 

There are only two pieces that need to be fabricated for each strut, the
rest is off the shelf. If several listers are interested we could get one
machine shop to set up and make a run of them. 

Also, I have lying around the house about six feet of 1/2 stainless steel
I was thinking of using it instead of the EMT. Any problems with this

Tom F.

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> Bernie and other listers-
> What strut braces are available for our cars?
> IIRC, Chris Miller's site talks about the S4 strut brace not
> being particularly suitable due to brake reservoir clearance, but
> what options are there?
> The strut brace you designed- is there any source where one of these
> can be purchased/fabricated commercially? I don't have the tools or
> workspace to build my own brace.
> Taka
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