[200q20v] Poor charging - Humidity related??

Hemberger, Chris CHemberger at stanadyne.com
Wed Jan 31 10:25:45 EST 2001

Anybody have any experience with insufficient alternator
performance/charging in very damp conditions?  My 200 20v died last night in
very humid/rainy condition here in CT.  Did not get a read off the on-board
voltmeter but when running, the 'AntiLock Off', 'Brake', and 'Alternator'
(?) were illuminated.  Car stalled and the 'OK' display went to a battery
pictogram .  Upon attempt to restart, the battery - which appears new, I
don't know history as I just purchased vehicle in Dec. - did not have enough
charge to run the starter.  I have checked the various troubleshooting sites
and will look at the grounding points, etc.  Belt tension appeared fine but
this may be the source of the problem as the belt/pulley friction would be
reduced in the rain...   Any similar experiences/faults?  Thanks.

Chris Hemberger

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