[200q20v] Warped UFO's - not anymore!

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Jan 31 15:59:12 EST 2001

At 4:37 PM -0500 1/31/01, Bernie Benz wrote:

>> I can share that the
>> outer ball joints on Paul's car had about .250 play in them, in fact the
>> inner bushings weren't really all that bad.  The play in the outer ball
>> joints is what I believe gave the symptoms of warped rotors, when indeed it
>> was the whole wheel and tire wobbling during braking.
>This rings true with my old 5KTQ that my son has.  At 260K it is slowly
>getting "loose" in the front end, but no brake symptoms.  Most likely those
>ball joints, as everything else looks to be in good shape, SB bushings
>having been replaced.

So--what's the best/easiest way to check for excessive balljoint
play--assuming there's been no very obvious sounds or handling symptoms? I
assume that to check will require the SB-end would have to be removed--and
also that the balljoint is not replaceable without a complete C/A?


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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