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> So--what's the best/easiest way to check for excessive balljoint
>  play--assuming there's been no very obvious sounds or handling symptoms? I
>  assume that to check will require the SB-end would have to be removed--and
>  also that the balljoint is not replaceable without a complete C/A?
>  Phil

remove the wheel.  Remove the pinch bolt (audi has this as a replace always) 
holding the ball joint in (UFO cars need to remove the lower 17mm size 
caliper bolt to remove the pinch bolt).  Separate the ball joint from the 
upright using audi tool 2X4 or equivelent.  Once removed, you can ck ball 
joint play with the C/A in the car.  It should be stiff to move, with no play 
in it.  If you have a high mileage car and one has play, do both.  Also be 
careful not to move the upright outward too far, you can pull the outer cv 
off the driveshaft quite easily.

Install reverse of remove.  Be careful that the pinch bolt is installed into 
the recess of the ball joint.



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