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Wed Jan 31 19:37:47 EST 2001

Has anyone done this? I agree that using an S4/S6 bar would be
the most elegant solution, esp. if it works as a direct bolt-on.


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<< Chris, from a strength of materials perspective a bent tube is useless as
load bearing column, including all of the S4 stock and aftermarket tower to
tower braces.  Further, the brake fluid reservoir is not in the way of a
straight strut to strut brace.



Nah, just make the walls of the tubing thick enough.  Again, deflection is
very small; forces are fairly small.  Without the brace, the car is _almost_
stiff enough.  You're not trying to withstand _all_ the forces, just add
strength to the existing structure.  Point taken, though; if the bar is
bent, you're using a spring to keep the struts apart...

Again, simplest (for a strut tower brace, not Bernie's style, but the S4/6
or V8 style) would be to use Audi's parts, including the brake fluid
reservoir.  Haven't tried to swap it, but expect it would be a swap...
Anyone have both cars?
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