[200q20v] bira 1 or 3

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Mon Jul 2 10:06:26 EDT 2001

Hey guys,

I'm thinking about doing a BIRA conversion somewhere down the road, and
I'm a little disappointed that my nice 16x8ET35 BBS RF rims won't fit with
any of them (no wonder why John K. was trying to get rid of them), but I'm
still comparing these two systems.

Anyway, I'd like to keep a 16" rim if possible with either system - I don't
want 17s.  Has anyone else tried any factory 16" wheels besides those
mentioned on the BIRA page?  It looks like my only options with ~ET35
(which is close to factory, more so than say the ET45 rims from an A6
2.7t), are stock S4 rims, or the S6 Avus which I don't like because they're

Would 17" A8 rims work?  I know I could get ahold of those cheaply (even
though I don't want 17s) and they are forged.  I prefer factory wheels
just because I can get them cheaply from my friend at Shokan.

Also, what are the costs associated with System 1 vs. 3 vs. 4 (just for

'91 200q20v

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