[200q20v] RE:Afterrun thermo switch, was Hole in radiator update.

Peter Petersen pwpetersen at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 2 11:54:36 EDT 2001


I just got the same switch from Blau and have a similar problem.  As usual,
SMJ's site covers the problem extremely well and will answer any questions
you might have.  I think Blau got a batch of bad switches.  Proximity to
iron should have no affect on the switch.  Mine switches at about 100°F, so
the after-run system kicks in and stays on until the safety relay turns the
system off after 8 to 10 minutes.  Apparently, after the safety relay
resets, the after-run system comes on for another 8 to 10 minutes, and
before you know it, you've got a dead battery.  The parts counter at Blau is
working on a replacement but I've yet to hear back from them.......until you
get the right switch, watch out for the dead battery, (can be avoided by
pulling the after-run relay under the kick panel after one cycle.


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> Subject:	Hole in radiator update. What did I do?  AC prob/ turbo
> bypass pump
> Hi guys,
> Well last weekend I installed my new radiator and put my car back
> together.
> I also replaced the after run temp switch and thermostat. My turbo AR pump
> had not been working for a few months and I had previously determined that
> the sensor was bad (as per sjm, pump energized when I crossed the sensor
> leads).  Now the AR pump cycles every single time the car is turned off
> (no matter the run time).
> The switch closes too early: with the engine stone cold, I unplugged the
> switch and confirmed it was open,  once I started the engine it did not
> take 2 min for the switch to close.
> I got the switch from Blau.
> Has anyone else had problems with the switches from Blau?
> I have not called Blau yet to report the problem, any advise?
> I kept the old switch, so I could reinstall it while I wait on a
> replacement, but that's a pain, I would rather just do the job once.
> Les
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