[200q20v] Failed emmisions

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Tue Jul 3 15:28:10 EDT 2001

So, my trusty 200 let me down, went to go get inspected, and the car failed on

Here are the readings:

Pollutant       Reading         Limit
---------	-------		-----
HC PPM Idle     393             220	<-------FAIL
HC PPM 2500     105             220
CO% Idle        0.61            1.2
CO% 2500        0.60            1.2

The car:
- 1991 200 20V
- 133478 miles
- New O2 sensor about 2 years ago (generic 3 wire).
- New distributor and cap ~1 year ago.
- No idea how old wires are.
- No idea how old plugs are.  But pulled last night.  Correct plugs (Bosch
F5DPOR), looked good.  Cleaned.  Gap on 4 of them was out of spec (wide), tried
to close up a bit.  Re-installed.  Car started right up.  Now, when reinstalling
the #5 plug, the wire pulled out of the boot!  I re-installed, and everything
seems ok, but is that an indication my wires may be shot?
- K&N Air filter
- Lehmen chip (Anderson)
- Full Stebro exhaust (including two hi-flow cats)

What do you guys think?

I have 60 days to fix before I need to get a re-test. New plugs?  New O2 sensor?
Clean air filter?  I'm just not sure what causes hi HC's at idle, while at
2500rpm everyhting is fine.

Thanks much!

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