[200q20v] Failed emmisions

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It depends upon the station that is doing the test.  A common reason for
failed idle HC is a cold catalyst.  If you can have them rerun the test
right after you have been driving the car hard for 15 or 20 minutes, you'll
probably pass.  You just have to get enough heat to light the cat off, but
with the high flow cats, this may be a bit more difficult than with the
stock setup.  Did they let the car sit before the test?  Did they actually
drive it to warm it up? (or just let it idle for a while).



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So, my trusty 200 let me down, went to go get inspected, and the car failed

Here are the readings:

Pollutant       Reading         Limit
---------	-------		-----
HC PPM Idle     393             220	<-------FAIL
HC PPM 2500     105             220
CO% Idle        0.61            1.2
CO% 2500        0.60            1.2

The car:
- 1991 200 20V
- 133478 miles
- New O2 sensor about 2 years ago (generic 3 wire).
- New distributor and cap ~1 year ago.
- No idea how old wires are.
- No idea how old plugs are.  But pulled last night.  Correct plugs (Bosch
F5DPOR), looked good.  Cleaned.  Gap on 4 of them was out of spec (wide),
to close up a bit.  Re-installed.  Car started right up.  Now, when
the #5 plug, the wire pulled out of the boot!  I re-installed, and
seems ok, but is that an indication my wires may be shot?
- K&N Air filter
- Lehmen chip (Anderson)
- Full Stebro exhaust (including two hi-flow cats)

What do you guys think?

I have 60 days to fix before I need to get a re-test. New plugs?  New O2
Clean air filter?  I'm just not sure what causes hi HC's at idle, while at
2500rpm everyhting is fine.

Thanks much!

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