[200q20v] What to do about falling headliner?

HAUPT,DAVID (A-Sonoma,ex1) david_haupt at agilent.com
Tue Jul 3 18:24:05 EDT 2001

In the past, this has ended up being the death knell for my cars.  Or, at
least, the solution was so vexing that at least, the problem lasted until I
parted company with the car!

My 1989 TQ Sedan's roofliner (headliner?) is falling.  Seating in the
captain's chair, an attempt to gaze out the back window via the convenient
mirror supplied for that purpose, one sees (at least from the height of my
physiognomy) through the bottom half of the glass, while the upper region is
obscured by fabric dangling from the vehicle's roof.  

The roof liner construction appears to be some sort of fabric adhesively
attached to foam that's perhaps 1/8" thick.  The foam seems to remain
attached to whatever is backing it (some sort of pressed board, I'm
certain), but the fabric has detached from the foam.

Any thoughts?  BTDTs?  Just pull the danged thing out and paint the roof a
pretty color?



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