[200q20v] 2121 code

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Tue Jul 3 20:31:17 EDT 2001

Got one

Got a 2121 idle switch code today.  The check light came on, went off, came
on.  While the light was on at part throttle the car was surging. The idle
was fine.

This 2121 code is the only code I've ever gotten from this car.  I've
gotten it sometimes when I try to get the car started hot. I have a long
crank when hot, have for over a year unsolved.  

I replaced the idle switch 'cause of the code over a year ago.  I still had
the hot start problem and sometimes if I got the light I'd pull the code
and get 2121.  But I figured it was 'cause I had the throttle open to help
get it started.

Now just 2 days ago I had the throttle body off the change the valve cover
gasket. The TB needed little cleaning I was surprised to see.  But I
adjusted the idle switch a hair to get it to click into the idle portion a
little sooner, very little sooner.  This has helped with a 1 in 20 times
stalling with the AC on problem.  Still just as soon as the throttle plate
starts to move you hear the click of the switch going off idle.

So..........   Ideas anyone?  Similar problems?



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