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Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
Thu Jul 5 09:58:16 EDT 2001

Have been asked about the supplier:

Living in Denmark I need a TÜV approvement, which BIRA
was not able to give. Next step was to try to use struts from 
a later/other model, and Audi USA were wery kind to describe the conversion from UFO to G60 using original rotors.
But I happens to find http://www.movit.de/ 
which made the  brackets for the calipers and the hats for the rotors and delivered it as a kit including 4 stainless lines (for the back too) and the necessary papers for Street legality.
It is a bolt-on job on original struts and if needed /wanted for use of 15" for winter it can be reversed in a few hours.
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  More or less force?
  I have some results from exchanging my UFO's
  (newly rebuild) to Porsche GT3 Monobloc 4 pistons
  on 322x32 mm crossdrilled and vented rotors
  a) Before: 60-0 Mph 155 feet
      After                   121 feet = 38 meter
  (Porsche claims 35.1 meter (100 km/h)

  b) Same foot-feeling. Same foot pressure for braking
  c) Bias between back and front were not adjusted
  d) Breaking at new fallen snow 2 km/h (with ABS on) shows
      equal breaking front and back (analysing the slip marks)
  e) Breaking from 100km/h ABS off = blocks front
  f) Breaking at ice/wet skid pavements from 60km/h :
     ABS OFF gives double braking length and NO control at all
     (more than 100 meter) compared to ABS ON.

  I was given the option of Porsche Bi-turbo instead of the GT3 Monoblocks - same price -
  but advised, that the Monoblock is
  1) more rigid,
  2) caliper shorter giving more cooling air to the rotor
  3) the pads a bit bigger

  Have to use 8x17 for both winter and summer

  Finally: I don't do much about polishing my car
  but the brakes are high admired at track events by
  both competitors and publics

  Claus Vegener

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