[200q20v] Audi TSB's

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Jul 6 10:22:29 EDT 2001

At 03:02 AM 07/06/2001 -0400, Tomsaudi200 at aol.com wrote:

>This problem does not concern my 91 200 20V, but rather the 1995 Audi 90 my
>wife drives. A couple months ago, when you would start the car, the
>turnsignals, power windows, headlights, a/c, etc, would not work until
>restarting the car, sometimes five times in a row.
>We took the car to my mechanic.  He determined the problem to be a faulty 
>ignition lock
>cylinder. Since he needed the part, he contacted Audi of Fairfield.
>Regrettably, but not that I was in any way surprised, he said the parts
>department never answers the phone, and never returns his calls.  He did some
>further digging, and found out that a TSB had been issued regarding this
>specific problem. He said Audi has been very quiet about this, but Audi
>should cover the cost.
>Given past experiences, this is where I get really nervous. My 200 had two
>problems that were issued TSB's, and it ended up costing me almost $1,000.00.
>Thankfully, my mechanic offered to go to bat for me if I received this kind
>of crap from the dealer. This time, I am trying a different Audi dealer, and
>I hope this works out, because I am running out of dealers I can depend on.
>Any advice/prior experience in dealing with a matter like this would be

TSB's do not constitute a recall that the manufacturer agrees to rectify 
for free.  TSB's are a "heads-up" to the shops so they have an idea of how 
to tackle a nonstandard set of symptoms.  Not all cars experience the 
problems identified in TSB's.

Ignition switch problems frequently arise when folks hang a bunch of keys 
(or other decorative "weight") on a keyring.

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