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Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Wed Jul 11 15:29:40 EDT 2001

I forwarded this to the 200q20v list...

I don't have 200 experience, but have done it within the tight confines of 
my 1990 Coupe Quattro's engine compartment.

No I did not have to remove the radiator - the trick was to remove the fan 
and shroud as one unit-

remove the bolts attaching the shroud to the radiator, then remove the 
radiator fan mounting bolts - this will allow you to move the fan forward, 
into the shroud so that it will clear the MC and the ABS lines.  The remove 
the shroud/fan as a unit from the car.  Once outside of the car, remove the 
fan/motor from the shroud and replace.

To quote Bentley, reinstallation is opposite of the removal

Good Luck!

-Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 20vTQW
Chelmsford MA USA
peschulz at cisco.com

>Sorry for the WOBW but I have an urgent repair issue on my 200 wagon.  I
>am preparing to sell it and I think it found out.  After putting in a
>new battery only a month ago, the car wll not start.  If I jump start it
>it will run with flickering instrument lights and temp guage indicates
>hotter than normal.  Dealer says radiator fan is dead but still draws 30
>amps and drains battery.  Is 4 1/2 RR to be considered grabbing my
>ankles or do they really need to remove the radiator to replace the
>fan?  My Bentley gives NO info on fan RR.  Anyone out there with 200
>experience? Thanks if you can help.
>Peter Anderson
>93 S4 (mine)
>01 Sienna (hers)
>89 MR2 (guess)
>89 200 tqw (for sale)
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