[200q20v] Central Locking

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Jul 12 09:16:44 EDT 2001

If you can get the plastic bubble cover off the lock (mine's a sedan and 
has this bubble cover on the inside of the lid, so I'm not sure about how 
this goes on a wagon door), you probably can manipulate the arm that goes 
to the latch to open the door.  What's happening probably is that the 
portion of the lock that gets operated by the central locking system vacuum 
motor in the door has become corroded enough that it's too stiff to 
move.  I took my lock assembly to a locksmith (mine wouldn't lock, so I 
could open the trunk lid when the cabin was locked),  thinking it needed 
disassembly and lubricating.  He said the lock portion was OK, but the 
lever operated by the central locking system wouldn't budge and he couldn't 
do anything about that either.  I managed, using penetrating oil and a 
stiff-bladed carpet knife to get some lubricant into the ball-detent area 
of the lever, and eventually freed it up.  I then worked some white grease 
into the mechanism.  Others have used a dremel or similar tool to take out 
the steel ball.  I think the ball is there to help keep the lock in 
whatever position you place it with the key, but it is a design that can 
lead to freeze-ups.

At 07:42 AM 07/12/2001 -0400, RICHARD MEZIC wrote:

>Opened my '91 200 wagon last night and all the locks unlocked except the
>rear hatch.  I hear the motor/pump running but it doesn't activate the rear
>lock.  (Boy, did I look stupid driving with a suitcase in the passenger
>seat, other luggage across the back seat, and nothing in the cargo area....)
>Obviously - anyone with a BTDT?  How do I unlock the rear lid in the first
>place, so I can work on a repair?  I'm assuming I need to replace something
>in/at one of the hinges...
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