[200q20v] Central Locking

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Jul 12 11:18:34 EDT 2001

At 7:42 AM -0400 7/12/01, RICHARD MEZIC wrote:
>Opened my '91 200 wagon last night and all the locks unlocked except the
>rear hatch.  I hear the motor/pump running but it doesn't activate the rear
>lock.  (Boy, did I look stupid driving with a suitcase in the passenger
>seat, other luggage across the back seat, and nothing in the cargo area....)
>Obviously - anyone with a BTDT?  How do I unlock the rear lid in the first
>place, so I can work on a repair?  I'm assuming I need to replace something
>in/at one of the hinges...

I don't recall "details" about the rear hatch of an avant, but isn't 
there a key-activated lock mechanism, like the sedan trunk lid, (in 
which case it should be openable with a full twist of the key)?

As to repair: Again, assuming that the central-locking pneumatic 
mechanism is similar to the sedan's, the failure you encountered is 
usually caused by a jamming of the small ball-bearing (in the 
assembly containing the lock cylinder). This tiny steel ball can be 
removed by prying or popping it free (see Chris Miller's website), 
and this will will restore operation of the central locking. Of 
course it's also possible that the pressure tubing has simply become 
disconnected from the rear mechanism.


P.S. Of course I have no direct experience with an avant, so for all 
I know the central locking depends on the labors of a small colony of 
gerbils who live inside the doors. Notice any unpleasant odors coming 
from the doors lately? :-)

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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