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Fri Jul 13 09:42:24 EDT 2001

Sure doesn't seem like 2 weeks has already passed...  Here's the highlights 
as I remember them.

Location:  Mid-OH Road Course Mansfield OH
Dates:  June 26,27,28
Cars:  120+
Eventmaster:  Craig Liechty

*  Left with fellow Listers Bob D (LT1Q), Dave Hackl ('75 911S) and 11/10RESQ 
(My 4Runner, Duey tandem mit 83 Amazon Urq)

*  The first day was instructor only at the Mid OH school.  Summary:  Wow!  
Under chief instructor Calvin Fish, were Pikes peak winner Dahlenbach, John 
Rutherford and some other pretty impressive champion drivers, some first 
class instruction abounded.  A track walk in the morning followed by lapping 
, with the instructors "grading" and giving feedback to all.  Great 
experience.  Without question the highlight of my 3 days here, I would have 
come just for this (Hint:  Do this again Craig!:). 

*  The invasion of the rest of the 100 or so folks came Wednesday night.  
Some familiar faces, many not so.  Only a handful of urq's, my amazon 83, 
Charlie Day's concours RS2URQ 83 black, Greg Kellenberger (sp) eurospec 
(including Lehmann fuel injection) and beautifully restored mars '83,  
Anderson's beast (man it gets wilder every time), and Eric R's gray 85).  
Lots of A4 chassis, and a few more TT's joined the fray.  Even an S8 with 
big(ger) brakes from Alcon.

Here's my recent list report modus "Best of":

Best looking urq:
Tie this year IMO.  Greg K's mars red 83 was almost showroom.  So much so, 
that it really took the best of from even Charlie Day's beautiful RS2 
conversion and gorgeous black paint.

Best quote:
Johnny Rutherford (IV), "I'd guess those quattros would understeer some when 
pushed to the limit".  

Best ride (passenger's seat):  Tie again.  Really enjoyed pushing Eric R in 
his newoldstock 85 Urq.  When he got 8,9 &10 (a string of turns that setup a 
right hand up hill 11) right on one of the last lapping sessions, I calmly 
pointed out that he's gonna blow 11, cuz he really was hot.  He didn't go 
off, but got a handful of quattro.  Great work Eric!  But there's still 
always the rawness of that LT1Q of Bob D, man when he got turn 7 at WOT 
coming up on 8, you got all torque then Big Reds in about 100yards.  Nice!

Best Ride (driving):  During the instructor day, I'd say my Blue Urq, laying 
that (stock suspension, bilsteins only) car out on turn 1 even impressed 
veteran MOS instructor Tony Kester.  During the Qclub event, I'd say my most 
fun ride was piloting fellow lister David Hackl's 75 911S.  He got R1's for 
this track event, put on some monster brake ducts (which he really didn't 
need, how bout *hot* caliper temps of under 300F?)  A truly fine classic auto 
that raised the driver skill level pretty high adding just the R1's.   I did 
get a ride in Bob's LT1Q, but after a couple days of my 83's turbo lag, I 
just didn't have enough coffee to tame the LT1 beast the 3rd day, I was over 
my head trying to push it, so instead I just rolled the windows down for the 
tunnel dolby effect (turn 12-13). yeeha!

Best watch from behind:
Still the keyhole (turns 2-3), chasing down some really big dogs with a 
proper line.  Eric R, Hackl and Bob all got it a couple times.  When you gain 
hundreds of feet in a matter of seconds in a series of turns, everyone in the 
chase car feels good.

Best watch from ahead (a flashback moment):
Looking in the rear view mirror, then immediately getting a well timed pass 
in the back straight by both Charlie Day (pristine RS2URQ) and in hot pursuit 
was Keith Anderson in all his audisport colors.  Chased them both hard into 6 
and 7 in my Amazon...  Cool!  What year is this?

Best weather:  Ever.  3days, perfect.  'nuff said, don't want to jinx next 
year ;).

Best Sound:  I don't know what Mike Fisher did to the exhaust on his v8, but 
man did that sound good.  I would have liked a recording of his and Bob D's 
car on the track, v8's of 2 different continents, but a common tune of power.

Best eats:
Mexican Restaurant in Van Wert Ohio, a bit of the riogrande (with roudy 
patrons, and rattling spanish in the kitchen).  

Best Blink and Miss:  Getting passed by the 911 turbo, I think it was blue.

Best Host on/off track:  Fred Baker Audi.  Hustling mechanics, hustling 
parts, cool Allroad service vehicle, great sponsor of the marque.

Best new word for Websters:  Eric R, learning to left foot brake his tqc, had 
a couple of mis-hits with his left foot locking the brakes during an 
attempted upshift, yours truly so dubbed hitting the "overboot" mode.

Best Carbon Fiber look:  Keith Anderson's "minimalist" dash on his TQC, 
audisport would have been proud.

Best organization:  When you come into the hot pits, Craig greets you with a 
huge grin under his Croc Dundee hat.  All is well, as usual.  Great show 

Best off track betting:  Watching Fred Bakers daughter almost lap S car 
lister John Peterson in the quattro go cart championship (at the barbeque 
funland thurs).  Another lap, we would have had to confiscate John's S car 

Best aftermath of getting turn 11 right:  The LT1Q skidpan on the ground in 
the paddock.  "Er, Bob?"

Best 110/10:  Oh that would be the 10x110 rear control arm bolt that Larry 
Boyer donated to the groundskeepers.  Not sure that excuses the late turn in 
on 1, Larry, but we were wowed on the secrets to quattro oversteer.  Seeing 
his acute 4kq advantage over the 911t, Larry exercised great sportsmanship by 
replacing said bolt.

Best stares:  Still belongs to those that want to see what they thought they 
heard.  Yup, LT1 into a quattro.

Best black flag:  The weak valve seals on my Amazon finally sent too much 
smoke out for the corner workers.  After gassing the starting line with James 
Bond like fog, took it easy around the track as to not gag the workers.  Made 
it all the way to 11, then got the flag.  C'est la vie!

Best mismatch:  4 of us in a Honda Civic during the instructor/instructor 
school, with 800hp Porsche GT3 Champion driver Ian at the wheel.  Tires 
screaming for mercy.

Best Pucker:  First day instructor debriefing.  Tony Kester, king of turn 1:  
"Ok, who's got that black 4kq?"  Larry Boyer sheepishly admits his ownership. 
 Kester:  "Oh, you?!?!  Well, I take back my bet, you can turn too late into 

Best taming of the shrew:  TT owner Dallas Smith, celebrating in the pits.  
Figuring out how to hustle a drive by wire (no left foot braking allowed by 
definition) appears to bring massive celebrations to the owners.  Great job 

Another great event.  Thanks to Craig for the usual and standard setting QC 
event.  Thanks to the boys at MOS for the great kibitzing, who says you can't 
teach old dogs new tricks?  Thanks to fellow lister Bob Dupree and Dave Hackl 
for the unselfish handing of the reigns to their cars, having 3 different 
rides, comfort, classic and raw was a great experience for me.  To Fred Baker 
and his Audi-force for the support, sponsorship and great t-shirts.  Eric R, 
overboot aside, a quick study of LFB technique, which made me feel like I did 
something really good as an instructor at this event.  And as always, my wife 
Carole for allowing me to escape the shop/home/HDlists for some good quattro 

End of Report

Scott Justusson
'83 Urq 
'87 4Runner turbo 
'88 Duey Tandem

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