[200q20v] Suspension rebuild and timing belt service

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri Jul 13 22:54:14 EDT 2001

Hi listers,
I will be undertaking a full suspension rebuild in
the near future, so anything I've missed, I could use
some feedback.

My list of replacement parts:
Bilstein Sport shocks
H&R springs
(2) Engine Mounts
(2) Transmission Mounts
(2) Front Subframe bushings-Front
(2) Front Subframe bushings-Rear
(2) Front Upper Strut Mounts
(2) Front Strut Bearings
(2) Front Control Arms
(2) Rear Forw. Trailing Arm Bushings
(2) Rear Control Arm Bushings-inner
(2) Rear Subframe Bushings
(2) Rear Upper Shock Mounts

The front upper strut mounts are mucho dinero- something like $105 each, as
they are unique to the 200q20v. Any help on where I can get them for less?
TPC and Redline both don't sell these, I am told dealer-only. Clair, maybe?

The rear subframe bushings and upper shock mounts are also dealer-only, from
what I've been told. Any help on these?

I'm also going to do the timing belt service, that one before the suspension
stuff. Here's my list for that:

Timing belt
Timing belt tensioner
Front crankshaft seal
(2) Front camshaft seals
Water pump
A/C belt
PS belt
alternator belt
Spark plug wires

I've added plug wires just because I think I have 134k on original wires and
to replace them. My 5ktq was much happier after I had done that. The fuel
filter is
fairly new, so I'm not too concerned about that, and the dist. is also
fairly new,
as well as the plugs.

I plan on also replacing the trans and diff fluids- already have some
Redline MT-90 GL-4
sitting for the trans and some Amsoil 75W90 GL-5 for the diff. Why the
different brands?
Because that's what I could get and they're both good. I'm having a pro do
this job
just because the diff plug is so hard to get to w/ the exhaust pipe and cat
right there
and w/o a lift, it's very hard to get any leverage on the plug, even with a
nice Facom
17mm socket that I got courtesy of Steve G. at Ultimate Garage.

'91 200q (soon to be heavily upgraded)

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