[200q20v] Suspension rebuild and timing belt service

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Fri Jul 13 23:17:57 EDT 2001

My comments quickly intersperced; and I've skipped the cc to quattro list.

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> My list of replacement parts:
>  Bilstein Sport shocks
>  H&R springs
>  (2) Engine Mounts

These are usually good or bad; they separate or the liquid leaks out.  
Passenger side usually fails first.  Could just replace that one, or wait 
until one fails.  Loosen it and inspect.

>  (2) Transmission Mounts
>  (2) Front Subframe bushings-Front
>  (2) Front Subframe bushings-Rear
>  (2) Front Upper Strut Mounts
>  (2) Front Strut Bearings
>  (2) Front Control Arms

If you replace the control arms, you'll get new inner control arm bushing.

>  (2) Rear Forw. Trailing Arm Bushings
>  (2) Rear Control Arm Bushings-inner
>  (2) Rear Subframe Bushings
>  (2) Rear Upper Shock Mounts

May want to pull and inspect them rather than blindly replace them.

>  The front upper strut mounts are mucho dinero- something like $105 each, as
>  they are unique to the 200q20v. Any help on where I can get them for less?
>  TPC and Redline both don't sell these, I am told dealer-only. Clair, maybe?

They are forged steel.  Inspect them; they will fail by cracking the rubber, 
or separating from the inner sleeve.  Mine were fine.
>  The rear subframe bushings and upper shock mounts are also dealer-only, 
>  what I've been told. Any help on these?

Scott Mockry has a nice writeup http://www.sjmautotechnik.com
Might also want to modify the front upper spring perch per http://www.urs4.com

>  I'm also going to do the timing belt service, that one before the 
>  stuff. Here's my list for that:
>  Timing belt
>  Timing belt tensioner

I think you mean idler pulley; the water pump tensions the belt.

>  Front crankshaft seal
>  (2) Front camshaft seals

(1) seal

>  Water pump
>  A/C belt
>  PS belt
>  alternator belt
>  Spark plug wires

Plug wires from dealer are about $75 each.  I think Blau sells a set of stock 
ends with their own wires, around $130??

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