[200q20v] Re: Suspension rebuild and timing belt service

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Fri Jul 13 20:58:29 EDT 2001

Sway bar bushings.  Two each side into the control arm, one each side
holding the bar to the sub frame.  I'd stay away from the delrin ones.

The control arms seem to come with the bushing that needs to be pressed in,
on the inner side, already installed.  I now have a spare set as I did not
know this.

When you do the control arms, you'll need new bolts to secure the control
arm to the strut on each side.

Might as well check your tie-rod ends while you are down there, I just found
out they are $19 each through the parts connection (for 5ktq).  Since you
are putting in a new ball joint with the control arm, you might as well
refresh the steering ball joint on the strut, too.

I reused my upper strut mounts when I went to the H&R springs.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq

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> Hi listers,
> I will be undertaking a full suspension rebuild in
> the near future, so anything I've missed, I could use
> some feedback.
> My list of replacement parts:
> Bilstein Sport shocks
> H&R springs
> (2) Engine Mounts
> (2) Transmission Mounts
> (2) Front Subframe bushings-Front
> (2) Front Subframe bushings-Rear
> (2) Front Upper Strut Mounts
> (2) Front Strut Bearings
> (2) Front Control Arms
> (2) Rear Forw. Trailing Arm Bushings
> (2) Rear Control Arm Bushings-inner
> (2) Rear Subframe Bushings
> (2) Rear Upper Shock Mounts
> The front upper strut mounts are mucho dinero- something like $105 each,
> they are unique to the 200q20v. Any help on where I can get them for less?
> TPC and Redline both don't sell these, I am told dealer-only. Clair,
> The rear subframe bushings and upper shock mounts are also dealer-only,
> what I've been told. Any help on these?
> I'm also going to do the timing belt service, that one before the
> stuff. Here's my list for that:
> Timing belt
> Timing belt tensioner
> Front crankshaft seal
> (2) Front camshaft seals
> Water pump
> A/C belt
> PS belt
> alternator belt
> Spark plug wires
> I've added plug wires just because I think I have 134k on original wires
> wanted
> to replace them. My 5ktq was much happier after I had done that. The fuel
> filter is
> fairly new, so I'm not too concerned about that, and the dist. is also
> fairly new,
> as well as the plugs.
> I plan on also replacing the trans and diff fluids- already have some
> Redline MT-90 GL-4
> sitting for the trans and some Amsoil 75W90 GL-5 for the diff. Why the
> different brands?
> Because that's what I could get and they're both good. I'm having a pro do
> this job
> just because the diff plug is so hard to get to w/ the exhaust pipe and
> right there
> and w/o a lift, it's very hard to get any leverage on the plug, even with
> nice Facom
> 17mm socket that I got courtesy of Steve G. at Ultimate Garage.
> Taka
> '91 200q (soon to be heavily upgraded)

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