[200q20v] #%*!@ BOSE!

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Sat Jul 14 03:44:38 EDT 2001

Ok, so explain this one. I was on the road yesterday, listening to news 
radio, and I began to notice my driver-side front speaker making odd sounds. 
Later, the damn thing sounded like it was a sniper on rapid fire. Obviously, 
I turned it off.

I turned it back on again at 5, 10 minute intervals with no improvement. 
Today, I was able to play very quiet classical music with no disturbances. 
However, it got bothered if a loud passage came on. When I turned to the 
local jazz station, the speaker freaked out. What is going on here?

When I bought this car back in January, I had the popping noise corrected by 
the dealer; they replaced a diode, or something to that effect. This is 
totally different. I would find it hard to believe I blew the speaker, since 
I listen to talk radio 98% of the time I am driving. 

Why is it that the Bose stereo seems so trouble prone on these cars? I have 
owned the same pair of Bose bookshelf speakers for 14 years with no problem. 
My father's home theater is all Bose, and he's had no problem. 

Is this is blown speaker, or something more serious. I know Audi would charge 
me a fortune to replace the speaker, if it is shot. Have any of you installed 
other speakers in the front door panel without cutting the panel, or 
compromising the quality of sound?


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