[200q20v] Suspension rebuild and timing belt service

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 15 01:07:12 EDT 2001

I don't mind hearing your opinion, but you see my reasoning in
doing what I'm doing, don't you? Why not change the stuff when I'm
already paying for all of the labor to have most of the suspension
out anyway? That's not something I really want to pay to have done
twice in a few years, as I can't do all of this at home- I don't have
all of the necessary tools, nor do I have a garage to work in.

I'm a little leery of waiting too long for the timing belt, as I have
heard of failures with little warning, as well as failures of the idler
pulley or the water pump causing major catastrophes. As I cannot afford
replacing the engine, I'd like to avoid such problems.


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